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Jobs Connect USA (JCU) is a Premier Teacher Recruitment Agency in the United States. We have partnered with respected J1 Visa sponsors authorized by the U.S. Department of State to provide our teachers with an authentic and enjoyable teacher exchange program. We are authorized to sponsor international teachers for placements (K-12) in public, private and charter schools in the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, and Michigan.

Our Mission

We are passionate about our mission to promote international understanding and molding 21st-century students through education via the teacher exchange program. By providing the school districts with the best international teachers who instinctively appreciate the essence of international collaboration, empathy, and global competitiveness we directly impact and strengthen the K-12 education.

Our Vision

We understand that in a global economy, it is very important to be part of a 21st century education. In the world that we live in, no one is an island to themselves, so we need to expose students to the world out there. There are opportunities to learn from all different parts of the world. And now more than ever, isolationists are not who we want to be.

We believe that bringing highly qualified, professional educators from around the world to teach in American classrooms provides an enriching multi-cultural experience and broader worldview for both our teachers and our students.

We understand the importance of International Teachers and the imprint that they make in the lives of our students. This is why we are committed to providing the best international teachers to our school districts in the United States.

Our Values

Having a set of distinct core values is not only an essential part of our company, but these guiding principles also make up the DNA of Jobs Connect USA. These values help us stand out from other agencies because we adhere to these core values to heart each day of our lives with purpose and passion. These core values are aligned with our mission and vision serving as an integral component that shapes the culture of Jobs Connect USA, our teachers, and our school districts.


We strive to deliver the highest quality of teachers and services possible. We deliver services with unmatched value while we constantly raise the bar of our performance through innovation, determination, continuous improvement, an intense focus on customer needs, and a dedication to meet those needs with a sense of urgency. This is why Jobs Connect USA teachers are exemplary educators. They are the best of the best International Teachers and have the ability to break down boundaries, helping students to connect with diverse peers from other places and cultures to build their global competencies as citizens in an increasingly globalized world.


JCU continuously promote international awareness through international education. This is why we believe in the potential and talent of our teachers, we value their contributions and impact on the students that they meet along the way. Providing them the necessary information and tools to achieve their goal of making a difference in their respective schools, colleagues, students, and other people in their community. Our teachers in turn empower their students to be free thinkers, creators and global citizens leaving a tangible imprint in their formative lives.


Perseverance is a great quality that a person can have. It is not easy to have, for it needs practice. Perseverance is being able to work hard, being patient, and working without any complaints. Being perseverant is working hard without stopping, even if there are problems, you still feel like you want to continue. It includes trying again and again. This is one of our most important core values. Perseverance has been the calling card of Jobs Connect USA  based on our humble beginning, we strive to instill perseverance in our teachers so that it may transcend to their students so that it may enable them to reach their goal and aspirations.


“Always do the right thing and troubles won’t find you” has always been our guiding principle when it comes to life. This is why it is imperative that we remain honest and transparent to our teachers and school districts. This is also the reason why we strive to impart this principle not only to all our international teachers but to our students as well.

authentic & enjoyable cultural exchange

Taking a page from our mission to create a global community of educators to invigorate student learning. We provide opportunities for educators to share practices across borders and bring international knowledge, skills, and perspectives to their classrooms and schools.


JCU provides valuable support to our teachers and school districts. We support our teachers through professional development, coaching, series of training (all-year) focused on classroom management, instructional strategies, and the use of technology in the classroom. We support our school districts by constantly providing them with highly qualified and top-notch international teachers focused on bringing international education and cultural exchange experience.

Meet The Team


Jonathan M. Tupas M.D.

Owner and CEO

Dr. Jonathan M. Tupas is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Jobs Connect USA Staffing Solutions LLC. He received his degree in Medicine at De La Salle University Health Sciences Campus in the Philippines and finished his Internal Medicine Residency in the United States at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. He is a seasoned, hard-working, and compassionate physician with years of experience in the fast-paced healthcare environment. He is an excellent clinician whose outstanding track record of achieving exceptional results in inpatient care is a reflection of his strong work-ethic - a characteristic he shares with a lot of Filipinos who work and live in the USA. 

Jobs Connect USA is the brainchild of Dr. Tupas and his wife Alma, they established the company to promote the J-1 visa cultural exchange program for teachers. Building on a global perspective, international educators help students connect the dots between science, social studies, environmental issues, and more.

Dr. Tupas is an avid sportsman, mountain biker, martial-artist (1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo), outdoorsman, and musician. Above all these, he is a loving father to his 4 children; Ava, Gabe, Yuan, and Maya, and a dedicated husband to his wife Alma. He enjoys mountain biking and hiking with his family. He loves to spend his free time watching a good movie with his wife Alma and family.

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Mahal Screenshot.png

Ma. Alma A. Tupas

Owner and COO

Alma Tupas is the Owner and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Jobs Connect USA. Being an international teacher herself, she has 24 years of teaching experience in the Philippines and the United States.        She graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education from Philippine Normal University and completed her Master’s in Special Education at the University of the City of Manila in the Philippines. She also furthered her education in the United States and earned her Master’s Degree in TESOL at Grand Canyon University in Arizona.  She is an exemplary teacher and administrator whose accomplishments have transcended the classroom. She taught Elementary Special Education in Baltimore, Maryland for 7 years making a tangible impact in the lives of children with special needs. Her work ethic, compassion, and excellent classroom management are second to none. Her fruitful years of experience in teaching and administration is a unique benefit to our organization and has proven to be an asset in the support of our teachers as well. She is truly the heart and soul of Jobs Connect USA.

She enjoys mountain biking and hiking with her family. She loves watching a good movie on Netflix during her spare time. She is happily married to Dr. Jonathan Tupas and is blessed with 4 loving children: Ava, Gabe, Yuan and Maya.

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